Freezer Paper Printing on Fabric

Cindy November 10, 2011 0
Freezer Paper Printing on Fabric

We enjoy movies.  Probably a bit too much.  <sigh>

We also like many different kinds.  Drama, historical fiction, romantic comedies.  In theory, we try to be selective and pick those that offer good character analysis.  

Many of our favorites are movies made from Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskelle books.  

It’s not too uncommon to hear someone in our house quoting Pride and Prejudice, Emma, or Wives and Daughters.  

Ok.. so I haven’t heard anyone say “allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you” because that is just painful.  But it does make me smile when I see it on this pillow.  If you can relate, then you most likely recognize these words from Pride and Prejudice and will be smiling with me as you take a look at this tutorial.

If you have no idea what I am talking about- you need to gather freezer paper, your printer, and fabric and make yourself this adorable pillow with whatever words that interest you.  If you don’t have a favorite quote you could easily do a name.  

But….. you also need to rent the movie Emma (with Gwenyth Paltrow).  THIS IS A MUST!  You will thank me.  Your husband may hate me.  But if your sons are young enough you can brainwash  errrr.. introduce them to this early on and they will grow up liking these chic flicks.  Actually my hubby loves to watch these with me.  Yes, I am just that blessed!

Thank you to Mama Says Sew for the tutorial.  It’s a great gift idea for another AustenAholic.


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