Caution- Extremely Hot Apron tutorial: For Him

Cindy September 3, 2012 0
Caution- Extremely Hot Apron tutorial: For Him

It’s Labor Day weekend.  Great time for a cook -out.  For some, it may be the last of the year.  Even though we live in the northeast we still grill year round.   Well, I should say my husband grills year round.  I rather stick chicken in a crockpot or skip the steak altogether than stand outside in freezing temperatures.  But let’s not talk of cold weather quite yet, because this weekend we will still be able to enjoy summer temps.  

And in honor of these last hot days….. ”Caution Extremely Hot” Guy’s Apron Tutorial.  Ok, so would my husband wear this?  Let me ask him……(lively discussion with older kids and husband who are in the room)…… Verdict: it’s a toss up.  Everyone in the young adult/teen crowd LOVED it and thought it was clever and were already discussing who they would make it for. My husband is still unsure if he would even bother to wear an apron, let alone one that would have this saying.

So with the verdict split, you better make sure the recipient has a good sense of humor or is arrogant enough to pull this off.  During the discussion, my 16yo was adamant that he wanted one.  He works quite a bit in the kitchen and yes, he is both arrogant and humorous.  So who knows, maybe this will end up as his Christmas Adam gift.



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