Woolly Warmth for my ‘Wittle’ Wilting fingers

Cindy October 31, 2011 0
Woolly Warmth for my ‘Wittle’ Wilting fingers


Now that I am up early and out of the house to drive bus, I have come to terms with some things in the last few years.

  1. I think the coffee patch should be a real thing 
  2. It is FREEZING cold at 4:30am.

I don’t have a remote car starter because my older kids are the car starters. Fortunately sometimes one of them hitch a ride in those early hours to head for college or the gym. But still….it is not often that I am spoiled with the nice present of a warm car and defrosted windshield.  I NEED HELP because I don’t think my fragile fingers should be the same temperature as my ice cold windshield.

You should have seen me searching for something to scrape it with this morning

1st attempt- was sadly with a pathetic plastic bottle top. ToTaLLy UsELesS.  I obviously needed something much more heavy duty.

2nd and successful attempt (which is good because I was going to be late)- was with a brand new filter of some sort that my husband left in the car. SCORE!  Ripped that baby out of the Walmart bag and went to work with some elbow grease.   [Fortunately he does not get online and certainly doesn't get on my website so I think my secret is safe here on the world wide web.]

SO… I have also come up with two solutions to my problems when I have to head to work all alone.

1…. MUST buy an ice scraper IMMEDIATELY ( but I know that it will just go missing like most everything in my house and car)  Yes this is typical of my life.

2….MUST make these super cute little hand warmers!  There are also a bunch of other neat projects at  Blissfully Content.  Definitely worth checking out.  But these are on my absolutely have to make list.  My neice and nephews asked for Rice Bags last year for Christmas and I think I am going to make these for them this year, possibly with flax seeds instead.  I also saw some in a heart shape.  Hmm decisions, decisions.

Well, it is now almost 10:30 and I should have headed to bed over an hour ago since my alarm will go off way to soon.  SIGH… I will have to make my way outside even earlier since it might frost again and I never bought that ice scraper.  WAIT… my daughter is heading to the gym tomorrow with me.  SCORE… I have a remote car starter for the day!  Life is GOOD!
















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